“Entrepreneurs make their own luck” says Fiona Timba (Packed Munches)

5 years ago

Fiona Timba (Packed Munches)Following our recent research into the role of luck in business, we asked Sage One Accounts user Fiona Timba (Packed Munches) to share her thoughts on the topic.

Hi Fiona, please tell us when you started your business and why? Tell us the Packed Munches story!

I was studying and working in the Netherlands in 2012, and used to get quite homesick.

I was always on the phone to my best friend (and now business partner) Sabrina, so she decided to send me a package full of all my favourite treats from home that I couldn’t find abroad.

I remember being so excited I took it into work, where the British team I worked with absolutely loved it! I told Sabrina and we quickly realised there was a gap in the market here in the UK.

Packed Munches 'hamper'
Were you intending on starting a business when the idea of Packed Munches came about?

No, when Sabrina first sent me the box it was just to cheer me up! Then some of the other Brits abroad wanted their own boxes to take home and we realised that there was a business opportunity here.

Would you say your business idea is built on luck?

Definitely! The whole idea behind Packed Munches was really a series of fortunate events. If Sabrina had never sent me the box it could never have happened. If I had never taken it into work it could never have happened.

How has luck played a part since founding Packed Munches?

We’ve been lucky on a few occasions to be in the right place at the right time. We’ve met some inspirational and influential people at networking events who have helped get the brand out to a much wider audience.

Because of this, we’ve managed to get national papers to write about us without going through the usual channels of sending press releases and promotional material.

A few national papers have written about Packed Munches without us sending out press releases or any promotional material to them.

Would you agree entrepreneurs make their own luck?

Definitely. I think there are opportunities all around us, and entrepreneurs are the people who know how to grab on to those opportunities and turn it into something more. A lot of people call that luck. I think it’s a skill but either way entrepreneurs make their own luck.

When was the last time you were unlucky in business?

We entered the ‘Pitch to Rich’ competition – a chance to pitch your business to Richard Branson. We made it to the semi-finals but unfortunately didn’t make it through to the finals. It was unlucky but the finalists were incredible.

Do you plan ahead in business? If so – how and why?

Definitely. We always sit down at least once a month to take stock and see how close we are to our ultimate vision. If we need to change track or not. It helps us to stay focused and remember our bigger goals.

What’s your top business tip to our Sage One readers?

Grab every opportunity with both hands. It doesn’t matter how small or seemingly minute it is – you never know what’s around the corner. Entrepreneurs make their own luck by taking chances so go for it!

Thanks to Fiona for her time and insight and good luck to the whole team at Packed Munches!

Have you experienced luck in business or would you say opportunity is about how hard you work? Let us know in the comments below or send us a Tweet!

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