Sage One Hangout with Tony Robinson OBE

5 years ago

In this Google+ Hangout, we interview Tony Robinson OBE, the ‘Micro Enterprise Revolutionary’, start-up speaker and co-founder of Enterprise Rockers – an independent self-help support group for micro business owners everywhere.

As one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and outspoken commentators on start-up initiatives, Tony shares some fascinating insights on what is right and wrong with business support in the UK today, Government programmes, Start-Up Loans, mentors and how to increase your chances of business survival. Essential viewing!

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Tony’s Kindle book ‘Freedom From Bosses Forever‘ is also a ridiculously entertaining story crammed full of genuinely practical tips that will help you start and run your own business. Buy it from Amazon today by clicking on the image below:

Freedom From Bosses Forever by Tony Robinson OBE