Top Tips for Budding Entrepreneurs by Emma Jones (Enterprise Nation)

5 years ago

Emma Jones (Founder of Enterprise Nation)At Sage’s recent ‘Future of your business: Big data and creating opportunities‘ event in London, Emma Jones (Founder of Enterprise Nation) shared some of her top tips for people who are thinking of starting a business in the UK today.

A short summary and video of Emma’s tips are shown below:

1. Keep hold of the day job

Starting a business doesn’t have to be all or nothing. More and more people are holding down day jobs and working on their own business on evenings and weekends – the so-called ‘5 to 9ers’. By starting your business this way you keep the security that a steady income provides and give yourself more time to test and build the business up.

2. Start on a budget

Quoting John Bradford (TechStarts UK), Emma said “When you’re a start-up with money, people expect you to pay. When you’re a start-up with no money, you get loads of stuff for free”. When you’re a start-up don’t be afraid to beg, borrow and barter for the things you need rather than spend precious budget.

3. Find your niche

The beauty of having a niche business is that it keeps your marketing costs low because you know exactly who your customers are, what they need and where to find them. It also keeps your customer loyalty high because you’re the only person or one of the only people that offers your services.

Watch Emma’s presentation in full below and feel free to share your own top tips in the comments box underneath.