Why Sage One Accounts is better than spread sheets

5 years ago

Technically, you could just use a spread sheet like Excel or Google Sheets to keep track of your finances in the early days of your business. However, unless you’re a whizz with formulas then you’re only ever going to have the most basic of information at your fingertips.

You also run the risk of accidentally deleting information from some cells, deleting the entire spread sheet or more drastically losing or having your laptop stolen! You’re also limited by when and where you can access this information if it’s stored on a single machine unless you make multiple copies or share the file in the cloud using Microsoft OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) or Google Drive.

However, with an online accounting solution like Sage One Accounts, you can access the information with a single login from any Internet-enabled device. All the clever work has been done for you by our roomful of top notch developers so the data you enter is presented in a meaningful way and pulled through into useful reports like a Profit and Loss Report and Balance Sheet Report.

In the video below, Sage One Accounts user Lorna Syson says: “I save so much time not filling in my Excel sheets, and I don’t accidentally delete things if I press the wrong button. I’m finding I need a lot less training to use Sage One than I did to use Excel.”

Time saving features

When you first log in to Sage One, the ‘Summary’ screen also shows your Sales, Expenses and Profit figures for the month and year to date, plus your ‘Top 5 Unpaid Sales Invoices’ and the outstanding totals beside them.

Invoices you raise can be printed off to post or emailed direct to your clients from within Sage One, and for extra convenience you can automatically back these up to Google Drive for quick access on your smartphone.

Another very popular feature of Sage One that you can’t do in a spread sheet is ‘Recurring Expenses‘ which allows you to enter an amount once and set it to come out at the same time each month, saving you the time and effort of entering it each time.

With Sage One, your data is always securely backed up and the software is always up-to-date with the latest legislation and new features added free of charge as part of your monthly subscription. It also includes free 24hr telephone and email support from our Customer Support Team in Newcastle.

There are so many clever and time saving features in Sage One that aren’t present in Excel or Google Sheets – too many to list here now in a single blog post. So, why not sign up for a free 30 day trial now and then work through the step-by-step guides on the Sage One Help Centre so you can see for yourself how much better it is?