From 6th April, all employers in the UK must submit their tax and national insurance information to HMRC every time they run a payroll and not just at Payroll Year End. This is known as Real Time Information or RTI.

Unfortunately some reports suggest that 7% of active employers are still not submitting this information in ‘Real Time’ and so risk a fine of £100 or more from HMRC.

As the UK’s leading provider of accounts and payroll software, Sage is trying to raise awareness of RTI and so filmed this short video with small business owners in Newcastle city centre. Please watch and share it on Twitter using the #RTIWheyAye hashtag.

Get ‘RTI Ready’ now

If you’re one of the 7%, please download our free guide – ‘Helping small businesses with Real Time Information’ and then sign up for a free 30 day trial of Sage One Payroll.

Thank you!

Thanks to Heather Hepplewhite & Heather Shackleton (Scorpio Shoes), Simone Clarkin (mmm… and glug…), Simon Carrington (The French Oven), Roy Eden (John Eden & Sons) and Michael Keen (Hector Hall) from Grainger Market, plus Geoff Brownless (Union Clothing) from High Bridge Street, Newcastle upon Tyne for taking part.

We really appreciate your help in raising awareness of Real Time Information (RTI)!