#SageOne star: Aaron Cullen (Tree Accountancy)

5 years ago

Aaron Cullen (Tree Accountancy)Tree Accountancy in Manchester champion the virtues of forward planning, as they believe their input should be more than just providing figures. They aim to be their client’s financial officer – providing guidance on specialist areas such as tax and auditing.

Client Manager, Aaron Cullen, says customers also need ideas and advice: “Forward planning is where we specialise. As much as a set of accounts is useful, they are always historic. Cash flow is key in any industry, and this is where forecasting really comes into its own.”

“One piece of software that we are using more and more is Sage One Accountant Edition. It gives me the ability to look at the exact same piece of data the client is looking at, so we can discuss things over the phone.”

Easy and intuitive

Aaron uses Sage One software a lot because it ties in with Tree’s online preference: “I think online solutions are the best way for us to grow and where the future of the accountancy industry is going. One of the best things about working with Sage One is how easy it is for us to use, and our clients like it too as it’s very intuitive.”

Building a reputation as a more digitally-focused practice has had a big influence on their client base: “We have a lot of creative clients, including one-man bands. These types of customers often have a very strong preference for working online and maximising their time by using new technologies on a daily basis – for this reason our use of Sage One has been beneficial.”

“We also look after clients in the finance industry that have been trading for a number of years who couldn’t be further apart. There may come a day when the client outgrows Sage One, but there are other Sage packages we can move them over to, and it is important to us to know that this migration would be easy to manage by customer services.”

“There are a few clients we are currently introducing to using Sage One Accounts. Those that are already using it say they love it. I’ve had clients who have duplicated invoices in the past, but with Sage One, duplicate invoices just don’t happen, so I never need to have that conversation with the client. Discussions are always positive, so it helps maintain a good working relationship.”

Try Sage One for yourself

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