Customer feedback on RTI and Sage One Payroll

5 years ago

Sage One is RTI-ready - making your PAYE submissions legally compliant with HMRCWhen surveyed, 96% of Sage One Payroll users described making RTI (Real Time Information) submissions of PAYE records to HMRC via our software as ‘really easy’, with 100% indicating it hadn’t changed how long it took them to process their payroll (it’s just one extra button click at the end of each payroll run).

We also have lots of great quotes and feedback like this:

“I’m not aware of how the Government see the RTI reporting to be better for them, but it certainly saves me time. Rather than 3 months doing it manually, every week, I put in the wages and press the button – and it’s filed. Done!”

“The people that I have spoken to when requesting help when I first loaded, set up and started using the payroll package were extremely helpful and very friendly to deal with. I was very impressed.”

“Sage One Payroll is easy to use and make life so much easier with new RTI rules.”

“The thing I like best about Sage One is how easy it is to use and the fact it integrates with HMRC (sending RTI data to them after each payroll run).”

We’re now looking for quotes from customers who:

  • Previously did their payroll manually and now use Sage One Payroll
  • Previously used HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools but have switched to Sage One Payroll
  • Would like to share their experiences of RTI using Sage One Payroll
  • Are, or were worried about the penalties and fines for non-compliance of RTI legislation

If you’d like to help out (and get some free publicity for your business), please email me at or leave your comments in the box below. Many thanks!