Snowed under this Christmas? Clear your mind and find creative Headspace!

5 years ago

As we prepare for the holiday season – it’s never been more important to find a balance between the day-to-day running of a business, big picture thinking, family and friends, Christmas shopping, the list goes on…! With what you’ve got on your plate, you could almost be forgiven for not spreading enough yuletide cheer.

Christmas or not, the fact is, as a nation we work hard. We really do. We recently conducted research that confirmed that we Brits are often putting work first – even when we shouldn’t, with half of us admitting to working at least one weekend over last summer. We also discovered that the gutsy, British entrepreneurial spirit and hardworking ethos meant that the 9-5 day almost doesn’t exist anymore – with almost half of us regularly taking work home and working out of hours.

Going the extra mile doesn’t quite stop there. Our research also suggested one in five of us admit to answering emails in bed and shockingly, one in four confess to missing a family occasion to catch up on work. So our message to you this Christmas is – don’t let that person be you!

Freedom to succeed

At Sage we believe in giving people the freedom to succeed in business. We know that your business is crucially important – but your precious time should be focused on what you enjoy, the spark that made you start up in the first place. That’s why we offer solutions and services that enable business owners to leave the finance stuff to us, and get on with what they love.

From our findings we discovered that 50% of us need time to clear our minds, take a moment to pause to think more strategically about our businesses. It’s not something we can always find sitting in our office, or hunched over a desk.

That’s why we came up with Headspace, where people can share the spots where they come up with the best ideas; their ‘headspace’.

In a world where “work” is sometimes judged as a physical output whether it be the amount of words on a page, reports signed off or attendance at meetings – the reality is – we don’t take enough time out to de-clutter ourselves to have a proper think. Creativity can just happen, but it rarely does. We need to step away from the “work” and de-tune so we can think clearly and creatively.

Get some Headspace!

In the lead up to the festive season when our time is more demanding than ever, Sage’s Headspace web app will help you find the perfect spot to get the clarity you need to think creatively and strategically about your business, or to give you the inspiration to get started on your new business plan!

The app encourages people to log or tweet their location to share with others where they find it easy to stand back and think about their business, work and future.  Whether it’s at home with the family this Christmas or on holiday in the Caribbean; the app is sure to provide some inspiration.

Sage then uses the dropped pins to develop an online map showcasing locations that others consider to be conductive to strategic thinking. The app is accessible online and across all smartphone devices and tablets. It also integrates with LinkedIn to show the places your business connections see as Headspace hotspots.

Sage Headspace interactive map

Where do you get yours?

You can add your own headspace hotspots on the Sage Headspace app simply by turning the location settings on for your mobile then Tweeting your whereabaouts along with the #sageheadspace hashtag. Alternatively you can just submit it online at

Who knows, getting the right Headspace this Christmas could be just the tonic for new business ideas in the New Year!