How cloud-based software can give your business freedom

5 years ago

Sage in the cloudAs rewarding as it may be, the struggles of running a small business are undeniable. So much so that sometimes it can often be tempting to disregard the adoption of new tools, technologies and ways of working as a difficult and time consuming distraction from the day to day needs of the business. This is particularly true in a climate where the flow of new ideas and technologies is seemingly never ending.

Blogs and experts the world over continue to preach the benefits of cloud computing. But what if your product isn’t technological, or your business isn’t large enough to warrant lots of technology? Is cloud computing still for you?

Here are five reasons why it makes good sense for growing businesses to embrace cloud tools and services.

1. Shed some worry

Rather than increase your exposure to it, cloud computing actually reduces the volume of technology for you to worry about. When you rent a car, the maintenance, repairs and breakdown assistance are all taken care of by the rental company. You rightly expect to be able to jump in and drive off, safe in the knowledge that your car will work.

The same is true of cloud services: when you sign up, you can use the software without worrying about installing it, maintaining it, downloading updates or keeping it secure. You also don’t need a server or any of the other additional IT investment that larger suites of software used to require. All is taken care of by your service provider.

2. Good for your finances

Another benefit of using cloud tools and services is financial. To return to the car rental analogy, when you buy a car, there’s an upfront expense. You don’t get that money back if you don’t use the car every day, or even if you sell it on. After five years, you’ll have an old car which nobody else wants to buy, and if it goes wrong, it will cost ever more to repair. Your rental car, however, is always a current model, and you only pay to use what you need, when you need it.

3. Good for scaling

There is generally no upfront cost. This means that you can scale up or down as your business needs demand. The spend on technology, which used to be a huge capital expense for both small and large businesses, now becomes operational. The biggest benefit of cloud computing is agility, the ability to change, to adapt to the emerging needs of the business.

4. Work from anywhere

Originally, software which was installed on a computer only ran on that computer. Today’s business owners work from home as well as the office. With the use of a cloud service or tool, you will not only always have access to your software, you can also log in and simply pick up where you left off.

5. Collaborate

You can share access to your cloud workspaces. That means you can work on financial planning, cash-flow budgeting, documents, proposals, presentations etc. can be done in collaboration with other people, often in real time.

6. Be safe and secure

Cut the risk of crisis and speed up disaster recovery. A good cloud provider will have better security and resilience than you can ever hope to afford. They will store your data safely and securely. If your office was broken into, or your laptop was left on a train, with the benefit of a cloud tool your data would still safe and immediately accessible online from another machine.

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