More from less: Making the most of freelancers to run your business

5 years ago

Sage One Accounts ExtraWe know that many Sage One customers choose our online accounting and payroll software because they need the flexibility to manage their business anywhere they choose, at any time; whether that’s via a wifi-connected laptop in the local coffee shop with an afternoon latte, or on a Saturday morning on their sofa with a tablet.

But businesses can benefit from flexibility in many other ways, one of which is to make use of the growing trend of outsourcing work to freelancers.

It goes without saying that most of the legwork when starting a new business comes from the founders. But, as the business grows, the increasing amount of work means that the founders may no longer be able to shoulder the burden on their own. Here is where business owners often face a catch-22. They need new staff to grow and support their larger business, but haven’t secured the long-term sales to justify new permanent members of staff.

The good news is that help is always close to hand in the form of freelancers. Outsourcing work on a freelance basis can help businesses to grow without the initial commitment of a full-time salary.

The flexibility of a freelance workforce makes great business sense. Simply put, work can be done on your terms through well-structured and managed projects. This makes sure that you’re not being inefficient with already stretched resources, whilst also keeping your business fresh and relevant.

Whilst the majority of businesses will never become totally freelance, there is an overall trend towards using more freelancers relative to paid staff positions. Research carried out by Elance, a portal for freelancer recruitment, indicated that a healthy majority of companies who make use of online freelancers intend to increase the number they hire in the next 5 years.

5 reasons to use freelancers

Here are 5 reasons why your businesses should consider using freelancers:

1. New cloud tools (like Sage One) allow for easier remote collaborative working, meaning that in the majority of cases a laptop and an internet connection is all that is required to get work done

2. Younger workers, with and all the flexible technologies that they are accustomed to, are evolving quickly to set new standards for modern work. Businesses need to make sure they are setup, both from a technical and personnel perspective, to offer the best working arrangements for staff

3. Your competitors won’t be afraid to bring flexible working into its business or allow new technologies into its core activities, so you shouldn’t be either

4. Don’t miss out on the talent at your fingertips. The internet helps you to find the best person to do the job, regardless of geography. We are no longer limited by the pressures of convenience to fill a vacant role because the accessible market of workers is so much more substantial. You can now find specialists where once you may have had to settle for generalists

5. A freelance model means lower fixed costs for businesses, but those costs are often offset by the higher rates that freelancers can charge – especially the good ones. However, the ability to manage the distribution of your resources, combined with the higher skill level you can demand, means that both sides are able to achieve what they want.

Businesses need to adapt to the reality of an expanding, business savvy and skilled freelance workforce and small businesses are well placed to be able to answer the needs of freelancers and capitalise on the opportunities they present. These days, your computer is your office. The work you do, not where you do the work is the most important thing.

Sage One Accounts Extra

At Sage we have a suite of products to suit the needs of all businesses and this month we’ve launched Sage One Accounts Extra, an online accounting service that’s perfect for growing or established small businesses.

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