Sage One Accounts Extra launch competition: Say thank you to your business ‘plus one’

5 years ago

Sage One Accounts ExtraThis week we launched our new online accounting software, Sage One Accounts Extra, and we couldn’t be prouder of it. It makes running your business finances easy.

This is fuss-free business software you can access from anywhere with a wealth of features that give you the necessary freedom, confidence and clarity to run and grow your business.

Our customers are already telling us it’s their ultimate business plus one, so we’re in the mood to celebrate with a little competition. Tell us who your business ‘Plus One’ has been to help you get to where you are today and you could win them £300 in Amazon Vouchers!

No entrepreneur ever made it entirely on their own. In the early days of starting a business, everyone relies on the support of that one person who makes the difference. The plus one. The person who gave them the freedom, confidence or clarity they needed to get their business off the ground. Whether it’s the mum or dad who stumped up the cash when the bank said ‘no’; the spouse or partner whose unquestioning love kept them going through the hardest and longest days; the friend who always had the clearest advice or that first client that said ‘I believe in you and what you do’.

About the competition

So, between now and Christmas, we want you to nominate the people who gave you the support, understanding or advice that helped you and your business to grow.

Each week for the next nine weeks, we’re going to be giving away £300 worth of Amazon vouchers for our favourite ‘Plus One’ story – helping you to show your appreciation to your nominee.

For the next three weeks, we’re looking for nominations around the theme of ‘Business Freedom’. You can interpret that as you will, but we’re looking for nominees who really helped give you wings – anyone who gave you money, time or resources to get your business off the ground.

What are you waiting for? Nominate your Plus One now.

Competition T&Cs

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