“I’m Spartacus!” (Meet the team behind Sage One Accounts Extra)

5 years ago

Sage One Accounts ExtraWhen I joined Sage in November last year, I was immediately struck by the sheer quality, expertise and dedication of everyone in the Sage One team.

Even now, almost a year later, I look around me and see excellence everywhere, be it in the marketing team I’m in or the UX and development team who sit right behind me in our open plan office in Newcastle.

The Sage One Customer Support team also deserve a special mention because they’re the ones who give their all to providing the best possible customer service to our users. (If only every business in the UK, and indeed the world, could give customer service this good). Providing a 24hr telephone and email support service isn’t easy and having spent two years working in Sage Payroll Tech Support back in 1998-2000, I know just how well-trained and coached our advisors are. Sage really takes customer service seriously!

The Sage One team at Sage HQ, Newcastle upon Tyne
Members of the Sage One team at Sage HQ, Newcastle upon Tyne

We’ve had an amazing uptake in the Sage One service so far and so with Sage One Accounts Extra (previously known internally as project ‘Spartacus’) launching this week, it only seems fitting to hear from some of the people who have dedicated themselves to the Sage One cause for months and sometimes years…

Peter Trimm (Product Manager, Sage One Accounts)

“As Product Manager of Sage One Accounts – I’ve lived and breathed this project for the past year or so, and I am very proud of what we have achieved together. From the market research, detailed analysis, design and development through to go-to-market planning, marketing, PR, legals, commercial operations, sales and customers services and the feedback programme – we have all pulled together as ONE team.”

“As Product Manager I have the honour of working with dedicated, hardworking, insightful people from all of these disciplines. It’s been a hard but rewarding project and our efforts are reflected well in what we have produced – Sage One Accounts Extra.”

“My favourite feature is the Cashflow management – this is a definite USP for us, it provides insight for businesses to plan for the future and allows the accountant to add a valued service to their clients to help them manage one of the most critical aspects of accounting control.”

“I’m very excited with the launch of the new service, which is built on our global platform and can’t wait to add and improve the service over the coming months. I’m also keen to see what innovations our partners in the Sage One ecosystem come up with!”

Joanne Lisle (Business Analyst, Sage One)

“I’ve been working on Sage One for almost 2 years and it’s exciting to know that we are creating the future of Sage and in turn, helping businesses create their future too.”

It might not sound exciting to most people but opening balances are my favourite feature of Sage One Accounts Extra! Having been at Sage for 16 years, I know how tricky and time consuming this process can. So hearing feedback like “straightforward” and “simple” about an area that is often a pain point has given me real satisfaction.”

Stephen Lloyd-Hirst (Development Team Lead, Sage One Accounts Extra)

“I’ve been working on this project right from the very start when we were still at the planning stage although took time out to help lead and build our European platform that has helped see Sage One launch in multiple countries (US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and many more to follow).”

“My favourite feature in Sage One Accounts Extra is the multi-currency support, from the fancy different currency symbols on the screen to the detailed behind the scenes catering for Vat Cash Accounting with exchange rate differences. Exciting – UI/UX with new brand looks fab and is so fresh!”

“I also like how the main areas of focus now are Bank and Customer/Supplier-centric which has turned the app around, helped things make more sense and ensures that you can get to exactly where you want to be or what you want to do even quicker.”

Marc Seery (Product Marketing Manager, Sage One)

“Since joining the Sage One team I’ve been heavily involved in the market research for Sage One Accounts Extra with accountants, end users and partners.”

“The journey from the earliest product mock up to presenting the product live to audiences of accountants in recent weeks suddenly seems short. Funny how at times it seemed like a rough road but now that is all forgotten as the audience’s energy grows.”

“After each presentation it’s been great talking to accountants who are so excited that they are running through a list of which of their clients they want to move on to Sage One Accounts Extra and how it will solve specific business issues their clients have. You can almost hear the audience’s minds going into overdrive as they work out how Extra can impact their business.”

Michael Tully (Team Manager, Sage One Customer Support)

“It feels immense to finally launch Sage One Accounts Extra this week. We can’t wait to start talking to our customers about the new functionality and the excitement that surrounds it both inside Sage and out there in the market.”