The *TeaShed finds the perfect blend of business support with Sage One and RMT Accountants

5 years ago

Denise Barrass (RMT Accountants & Business Advisors) & Jules Quinn (The *TeaShed)Jules Quinn was inspired to set up her design-led tea company, The *TeaShed after spotting a gap in the market when buying teabags for the office.

Marketing her own, young, fresh, tea brand has been a successful move, as The *TeaShed teabags are now sold in major department stores, online and featured at events including student fresher fairs and the BBC Proms.

Jules acknowledges there’s been a lot to learn, especially about the financial side of her business. She’s worked with Denise Barrass, a bookkeeper for RMT Accountants & Business Advisors Ltd since starting up her business and now uses Sage One Accounts to keep track of her sales:

“When an online software package came along, I thought, this is perfect,” says Jules. “It’s just really easy to use and you don’t have to be an expert in accounts to use it.”

Denise also appreciates the flexibility that it offers in helping her work with Jules online, especially at weekends: “I can work from home on it. I can work in the office. I can work anywhere really on Sage One, so for me it’s easy access” she  says.

“Jules can go on and look at her cashflow, which is the most important thing for her,” she continues, “And I go on using Sage One Accountant Edition and do most other things – the transactions and bank statements and purchases. So she can keep control of her sales and what’s coming in and chasing her debts.”

Being able to work together so easily without the expense of travelling for meetings is another cost saving, as Denise explains:

“That’s the best thing about it being online, I can go on and see what she’s done and I can work on it at the same time. And if there are things in the wrong place, I can move them and look after things that way…It gives a client control of their business, so they know what’s happening at any time…It works well for us.”

With just over two years’ experience of running her own business, Jules appreciates anything that keeps her costs down, and recommends Sage One Accounts to others starting out. She says: “It’s affordable, which is important early on in your business, and it’s so easy to use, you don’t even really need to understand accounting to use it…So why wouldn’t you use it from the start?”