Sage One International (#SageOneWorld)

5 years ago

Nick Goode (Head of Sage One)By Nick Goode, Head of Sage One.

Sage One as an international cloud product is now live in eight countries: UK, USA, Canada, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Portugal.

Sage’s business is accounting and payroll software, which 6 million customers around the world use today. Furthermore, over 40,000 accountants worldwide (and rising) are Sage customers, recommending their clients to use Sage software to manage their business.

So what is #SageOneWorld? Quite simply, it’s a series of events that bring Sage One to customers and accountants in the different countries that we work in. It started in Barcelona in late September where the Sage One Spain team demonstrated Sage One to over 1,000 accountants.

The growth of the start up and small business sector in Spain is critical to the country’s economic recovery. Sage’s ethos is to provide easy-to-use, accessible solutions backed by local customer service; and Sage One in Spain is the perfect example. The Spanish team have also launched the Sage One Accountant Edition in their local language with local functionality; this product enables customers to onboard, manage and advise clients online, in real time.

Next up, France. Over 3,000 Sage customers attended conferences in Dijon in the first week of October, again with the unveiling of Sage One France for the French market.

Sage One UK and Sage One Ireland have also been taking place in recent weeks with prestige events in five locations in quick succession.

Global yet Local

Sage One is built, technically, to enable any country to build their own Sage One with 80% shared technology; the 20% local part includes the legislative variance; local features that a country may need, and of course, the language itself. The language is the easy bit. Sage One is not just a translation of the user interface; it’s a single accounting engine, with 20% variance to match the needs of the local market.

A simple example from Portugal. Every time a business sells a product to a customer, it has to produce an invoice, but you can never delete it once it’s done; so credit notes and debit notes are the documents you need to use to correct the invoice.

Therefore, Sage One Portugal has debit notes as a feature. No other country has this. If VAT changes in France (which is about to happen, sacre bleu!) then our Sage One R&D team in Paris changes that code, which does not change anywhere else. But if we want to improve say the way our customers view their  monthly reporting, we can do that once and all countries are updated simultaneously.

All this enables us to roll out Sage One around the world rapidly, securely and with local needs met. Our legislation and accounting experts, marketing teams, business partners and accountants in each country team up to bring the product to market. Which leads us back to #SageOneWorld.

For Sage One USA and Sage One Canada, we are showcasing Sage One in 14 cities across North America in just one month, wrapping up in Las Vegas at the Sleeter Accounting Solutions Conference in early November. Unfortunately I won’t be there in person but we can all follow along via Twitter using the #SageOneWorld hashtag.

For more information on Sage One’s global rollout and events for accountants and customers, follow the #SageOneWorld (and #SageOne) hashtags on Twitter.