The not so secret diary of a Sage One night owl

5 years ago

Ian Robson (Sage One Customer Support)As I’m sure you all know, Sage One offers free 24hr telephone and email support to customers as part of their service.

After staying quiet in the dark (literally!) whilst our brothers and sisters on day shift kept you updated with our antics, we thought you might like to hear from the one of the new Sage One night owls, Ian Robson.

Note: the following should be taken with a large pinch of salt and may contain some slight factual inaccuracies ;o)

My first night shift…

Armed with nothing but a headset and a glowing feeling of pride, the clock struck 8pm and the nightshift began. Out went the day shift crew and in came the warriors, the customer champions, the heroes going without so that no matter what the time you won’t mix up your Pat Cash and your Vat Cash. When you’re having bank reconciliation nightmares we are only a phone call away, ready to answer your query and get you soundly back to sleep.

Calls came in and were expertly handled, emails arrived and were promptly answered. I can’t lie – it felt good to be able to offer the support no matter what the time. To be able to solve the query and give the peace of mind to the customer. Not having to keep them waiting until the next day. Eliminating stress and worry there and then, no headaches. You could say we are like a big Payroll and Accounts paracetamol tablet. Instant pain relief.

Before we knew it the sun had come up and a new day had started. The clock struck 8am and in came the day shift, the Sage One customer service baton passed to them. A quick shift de-brief and it was time for home, heading in the opposite direction to the rush hour, getting envious looks from the nine to fiver’s stuck in gridlocked traffic jams. I could get used to this…

Come back next week to see how week 2 went for the Night Owls, or even better find out for yourself – email or call our truly dedicated team at any time of any day on 0845 111 66 11.