Sage One launches ‘Collaborate’ feature for accountants and bookkeepers

5 years ago

Collaborate better with clients using Sage One Accountant EditionFrom today, we are providing all accountants and bookkeepers who use Sage One Accountant Edition with an automatic free update that allows them to share, track and audit documents with clients securely online.

The new feature called ‘Collaborate’ allows accountants to send files of up to 5MB in size securely through an online portal which is integrated into the existing Sage One platform.

The update is set to increase efficiency for accountants and bookkeepers by eliminating the need to swap between applications in order to share files with clients.

The software has been developed to tackle one of the biggest headaches for accountants with many reporting they would like to be able to track if clients had viewed documents or not. The automatic audit trail in Collaborate solves this problem, as well as helping accountants meet a growing appetite for cloud computing.

A recent Sage survey of 500 found more than half of accountants in practice (51%) had received interest from clients in collaborative working and sharing documents online.

The study also found 80% of accountants expect to see a growth in services moving online in the next three to five years. With this in mind, Collaborate offers a more secure way for them to exchange information than email.

The key features to the Sage One Accountant Edition ‘Collaborate’ update, which went live at 10pm on Wednesday (18th) evening, include:

  • Highly secure data exchange: providing automatic virus scanning and data encryption. Accountants can be assured sensitive documents can be shared securely
  • Full audit trail: Creates an audit trail that allows accountants to track what documents have been sent, viewed and worked on
  • Improved workflow: Enables more efficient sharing of files across all mainstream document, csv and imaging file formats
  • Client dashboard: View every client you work with in one place
  • Instant approval: Authorisation feature will allow clients to approve or reject documents which have been shared

Start using Collaborate today!

The update is automatic and free for existing Sage One Accountant Edition customers and members of the Sage Accountants Club. Accountants and bookkeepers who are not already using Sage One Accountant Edition can obtain it free of charge by calling our Accountants Division on 0845 111 11 11. (See full overview of features here).

“Accountants were telling us one of their biggest frustrations is that they have no way of tracking their correspondence with clients,” explained Paul Tooth, Head of the Sage Accountants Division.

“Collaborate not only solves that problem, but with security at the front of mind, accountants know this is software they can trust if they are considering moving more of their services online.”

“Increasingly businesses are wanting to see their accountant utilising the cloud and Sage is here to help accountants looking to make that transition. Collaborate will support accountants making those first steps online without having to radically overhaul the systems they are using already.”

For more information and to see how Collaborate works, please watch the demo video below and visit