Being Thankful

5 years ago

Naomi Timperley, Director of Enterprise LabGuest blog by Naomi Timperley, Director of Enterprise Lab – ‘a disruptive agency’ bridging the gap between education, employment and enterprise.

One thing most parents instil in young children is to say please and thank you. I know mine certainly did!

Having been involved with 3 startups in the UK, one thing I have learnt along the way is that I have been thankful to many people during my journey. I think being thankful in business is good practice.

People like to be appreciated for their hard work or help they have offered however small. A simple thank you is something that can brighten up someone’s day and is something people remember.

Whilst building my network, which I have invested, time and effort in, I have come to the conclusion (and have had confirmation several times) that I am a natural connector. When I meet someone I naturally open up the little directory in my brain and within minutes can connect people to others that could be of support whether that would be as a customer, collaborator, mentor or good connection. It’s something that has led me to where I am today as many people have been thankful and returned the favour. This is not to say that you give to receive but sometimes a simple thank you makes a massive difference.

So the next time that someone Retweets a Tweet, makes an introduction or helps you out – say THANK YOU! You will be remembered for it.

As Enterprise Lab is still under 2 years old I think we can officially say we are still a start-up. As a start-up you may also need a lot of help along the way so be as thankful as we are. Sometimes it really is good to be nice.

5 things I am thankful for

1. My family – having the support of family, in particular my husband, has allowed me to be the entrepreneur I am today and my wonderful daughters for inspiring me
2. Friends – for being there for me throughout my ups and downs
3. Networking – has allowed me to broaden my horizons and be exposed to people who have supported me along the way
4. Twitter – my Twitter account @naomitimperley has brought me to many special people, in particular @Ketan_Makwana and @TheRealSabian who I co-founded Enterprise Lab with
5. Mentors – I am lucky that I have many people who I could call a mentor and I am very grateful for their wisdom and guidance.

So, THANK YOU for reading my blog…and please share if you like it!

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