What does a dishwasher and outsourcing your payroll have in common?

6 years ago

Neilson Watts (Associate Product Manager, Sage One Payroll)By Neilson Watts (Associate Product Manager, Sage One Payroll).

You may have lost your payroll person, you’ve got a fear of doing something wrong, you’re worrying about changing legislation, you’re thinking it’s costing me time and money, it all makes perfect sense to let somebody else do it…or does it?

I have the same thoughts about doing the washing up and whether it’s better to have a dishwasher (bear with me and I will explain).

It’s something I have to do, but I don’t like doing it

Before I left home I always thought that there was a magic fairy or self-cleaning plates and cutlery that enabled me to eat my tea…and it’s the same with employees when they get their payslips…they don’t care as long as they get paid.

But since moving into a house with my wife, just like a small business has to do payroll and get it right, my wife makes me do the washing up and if I don’t do it right she’s not happy and goes into a huff for a couple of days!

Surely I could be doing something better with my time?

When washing up you’re always thinking I could be doing something better such as playing on the Xbox or watching Top Gear or some random World War II documentary and the same is true in small business – you could be doing something else but for me, I’ve been given more painfully boring housework to do! Oh how I miss doing those dishes…

It might seem like a menial task…but it’s important

Now that I’ve worked out that there are no magic fairies cleaning the dishes and cutlery, if I don’t wash the dishes I soon run out of plates and when I do I’ve got nothing to eat off. And just like a disgruntled employee when they don’t get paid on time, I’ve got an unhappy wife.

Surely the dishwasher can’t get it wrong?

So if I use the dishwasher, surely nothing can go wrong and if it does it’s the dishwashers fault, right? Well, not in my wife’s eyes – it’s still my fault. For example, if I don’t get the timing right it either means I can’t run her a bath or if I do it stops the dishwasher and it has to be restarted to finish the wash cycle.

The same is true when you outsource the payroll to someone else. They are still human and things can go wrong but in the eyes of the employees it’s your fault and more particularly in the eyes of the HMRC you’re still legally liable – not the outsourcer.

So do you ever truly completely outsource your payroll?

You still have to scrape the plates, you still need to load the dishwasher, you still need to put some cleaning stuff in it, you still need to switch it on, you still need to unload it when it’s done…so does it actually save you money and time?

And it’s just like outsourcing your payroll. You still need to collate the timesheets then send them to the outsourcer, it’s likely they want you to check that it right and want you to authorise it and you’re probably still paying the employees and distributing their payslips. So, ask yourself “How much of the payroll am I still doing?” and “How much time are you really saving?”

So how does Sage One Payroll help?

I do get that it’s about personal choice and there are some great payroll outsourcing companies out there but in my personal opinion, for an accountant or payroll bureau running a payroll…it’s simply like the Dire Straits hit from the 80’s ‘Money for Nothing’.

Ask yourself one question – What’s the difference between telling software the hours your employees worked or your payroll outsource provider? Nothing really, they both automate your payroll.

I may be biased but our Sage One Payroll software is so simple it lets you stay in control by automating your payroll in 4 simple steps, it’s always up-to-date with the latest legislation and you can easily run a payroll in under 5 minutes – all this from just £5 per month (which equates to £1 per payslip and includes free 24hr telephone and email support). With a price and service like that, surely it makes sense to do it yourself!

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