Business Advice from Sage One Customers

6 years ago

Advice? Top Tips from Sage One CustomersWhen interviewing Sage One customers for our blog, I always include the question “What advice would you give to someone starting out in business / following in your footsteps?”

Here’s what some of our interviewees had to tell us:

“The main thing we would say would be to just go for it and believe in your idea. Think about all the positives that come with running your own business and have fun. Oh and use good accounts software such as Sage One! ;o)” Jodi & Stella Kean (Choclateas)

“You need to be passionate about what you do. When you are your own boss you need to be excited about getting up in the morning and working. You need to learn your strengths and weaknesses and accept help in the areas you need it. Also set yourself sales targets. My mentor said to me that unless you make money and grow it is not a business, it is a hobby and that has always stayed with me.” Lorna Syson

“Cash flow is key. Manage your cash flow well. Make sure you have a brand, something that sets you apart from your competition. Market smart, don’t just pour money into advertising, research your target market and specifically tailor your campaign so it has maximum impact and analyse EVERYTHING. This will allow you to have maximum return on your time and investment. Finally, work hard, but work smart!” Dan Williams (Tailor & Baker)

Be prepared to work hard, weekends and days off are few and far between, be creative constantly looking to change and keep one step ahead of your competition. Most importantly, enjoy it as there’s no more rewarding feeling than working for yourself!” Simon Williams (Evergreen Art Cafe)

“Network, network, network. Research what you’re doing – and make friends whilst you’re doing it. If you know what you need to do and how you need to do it, you can get it right! But most importantly – you have got to love what you do, and have passion for it.” Gareth Molyneux (The Stitcher’s Garden)

“Just get stuck in, there are so many services and websites out there to provide help and guidance with your business. The costs to take your first steps in business are now so low, in my opinion there has never been a better time to start a business.” Paul Stewart (UniBaggage)

“Spreadsheets are a good way to start, but we all know they have their limits, even with lots of formula! Sage One enables you to do so much more, almost with the click of a button, and before you know it the invoice you have just created has been emailed to the client.  To me, this seems a cost effective and a wise use of my time.” Trudy Jacklin (TM Services)

“When I set up 65Hours Limited there were lots of administrative tasks to complete and processes to set up. As there were so many other things to deal with at the time, payroll seemed like something I should get help with from an accountant. If I had known just how easy and convenient it would be to run my own payroll with Sage One I would have started using it from the beginning.” Aidan Garnish (65Hours Limited)

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