Socialise your business with Suntico

6 years ago

SunticoSuntico is a unique proposition that gives you and your colleagues a private social network to help manage your business, providing a Facebook-style interface for managing and socialising the key issues that your business currently faces.

You and your colleagues can inform each other of the status of any sales or collaborate on a particular prospect.

If you have any credit control issues, or news you need to share, then Suntico provides a familiar set of tools for you to do so. Anyone who has used Facebook will be familiar with the concepts included in Suntico. You have a Wall, a Like button and can easily share news, videos, documents and images.

As it’s a multi-user system with role management, the integrated service allows you to safely share the relevant Sage One Accounts information with the right folk at the right time without sharing any of your more sensitive financial information.

Suntico have brought a very interesting proposition to the table. Managing your credit control, your customer relationships or indeed your business is rarely a single person initiative and requires some level of collaboration. Using social media technology to manage these internal collaborations will feel perfectly natural to the majority of us who have some presence on the likes of Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Technology was once driven by the enterprise but recently, with the explosion of social media, consumer technology has left the world of business in its wake. It’s a pleasure to see companies like Suntico adopt and adapt these technologies to bring business collaboration to the 21st century.

If you’d like to learn more about Suntico visit the Suntico and Sage One landing page now!

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