The Importance of Amazing Customer Service at Sage One

6 years ago

Melanie Fields (Sage One Customer Support)By Melanie Fields (Sage One Customer Support).

In the competitive world where numerous businesses offer similar products and services, one thing has become the differentiator; customer service and support.

But why is this important?

There are so many reasons, it would be possible to write a whole series of books on the subject (and a quick check of Amazon proves that many people have)! But for me, the main reasons all businesses should offer amazing customer service are to:

1. Build trust in your brand and reputation
2. Attract new customers
3. Retain existing customers
4. Make your customers feel amazed, appreciated and important
5. Ensure your staff feel engaged and part of the success

How do you know if you’re delivering amazing service?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a way of tracking how customers feel about your business by asking one simple question, ‘How likely is it you would recommend [company name] to a friend or colleague?’

We’re proud to say that Sage One has a world class NPS which is over double the average score of software and apps companies[i]. Not only are we world class, but we also offer FREE 24hr telephone AND email support inclusive of the Sage One subscription price (just £5, £10 or £15 + VAT per month).

All of our support team receive full training and ongoing support to ensure that our customer service is the best that it can be. We don’t hide from what we want to deliver to you. To ensure that our promises to you are transparent you can read all about these in Sage One Support: Our Customer Charter.

What Our Customers Say

But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what some of our customers have to say about our customer service:

You guys are always good whenever I phone up. It doesn’t matter how complicated or simple the question is, you are always there and you never make me feel like I’m stupid for asking, you just help out.” John of Highdown Carpets

Absolutely perfect service – from my first email – picked up by Claire Hewitt – her webinars through to this mornings conversation where she assisted in me registering…perfect.  I haven’t touched payroll or accounts for over 40 years and she has made it so smooth it is quite astonishing.  I will most certainly recommend this service to all Parish Council Clerks that I know – as this is a new requirement for us all.” Kathie of Ouston Parish Council

“Everything is in an easy-to-understand format, the staff are friendly and very informative. Since moving to Sage it has made my work so much easy.” Sam of Gas Training Solutions

Helping Customers from Day 1

Further evidence of success is our expanding customer service team. Iain Duigan, one of the new recruits to the Sage One support team had the following to say about the training and customer service within Sage One:

“The emphasis on customer satisfaction is immense. From the very start we are introduced to the ethos of Sage One which is all about ensuring that customers get everything they need from the service. We aren’t taught just how to use the service, but how to help our customers get where they need to be.

We also strive to make business easy for our customers by finding out about your business and suggesting ways in which you can get the best of your service and how to improve your business processes.

We are encouraged to look beyond what the customer says and look to ensure that they can:

a) Use Sage One proficiently
b) Get what their business needs from Sage One

This is further encouraged in the coaching period when we are asked to question customers around what they need from their accounts and payroll software and share with them how Sage One can deliver those solutions.

Speaking with customers who don’t yet have a subscription is not just telling them how to sign up to a free trial, but selling them the lifelong benefits of Sage One.”

[i] Source = Satmetrix. Average score = 24.

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