“Hi, I’m Sasha, I’m self-employed and I’m rubbish with money!”

6 years ago

Follow the adventures of Sasha on Twitter @sashadaisicalThis is a guest post by Sasha, a 21yr old British model and writer who Tweets @sashadaisical and blogs at http://sashabook.wordpress.com

I can’t afford to pay someone to hold my hand when I check my bank balance. That’s Cameron’s Britain for you. My name is Sasha and I am rubbish with money. There I said it. More people should say it, as it’s true (you can use your own name when you say it).

I live a bit of an erratic life. I don’t have a regular job and make money via three mediums: modelling, writing and marketeering. All three of these are like an old persons bowels – irregular.

I’m self-employed but run out of money all the time. The nature of the work is that they are not regular fixed income. You won’t find me bent over a corporate desk dipping my pen into my ink pot 9-5 chasing objectives and trying to move boxes on a structure chart. That life is great if you like order, gives you regular money, someone sorts your tax out for you and talks to you about pensions.

I on the other hand have no idea where I am going to be from week to week. Different countries, different currencies, gets a girl in a muddle.

I’ve been summoned to see the tax man for the mere trifle of not ever paying tax, I know, not a big deal eh? They had different views…When I saw the tax man, I tried flirting, I tried “But I’m an idiot” none of it worked. He suggested I made a budget, he sent me a link to an online thing (I don’t think this was part of his job, he was flirting I think there) where you put in all your income and all your expenditure and then you get a figure that you can spend on dry shampoo and champagne. I tried it, I might as well of written “you’re screwed”, but there isn’t a formula for that in Excel. Came out with a negative and no one likes a negative.

But it did make me think, how much do I waste on just “stuff”? Burning cash on pointless things like bottled water with a sell by date on it (how does it go off?), things that just clutter up your life that you don’t need.

That’s the problem with being self-employed, you have to be super-organised, you need tools to help you, you need to actually not be an idiot. It’s hard, finance is dull, I find it easy to make money – I just can’t manage it.

But I need to get better at it, or employ someone to hold my hand when I check my bank balance…probably the first option eh?

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