[VIDEO] Why choose Sage One Payroll?

6 years ago

If you’re registered for PAYE, taking on your first employee, or simply looking for low-cost, easy-to-use payroll software for up to 15 employees, look no further than Sage One Payroll.

At just £5, £10, or £15 + VAT per month (depending on how many employees you have), Sage One Payroll is so simple to use we’re confident you can process your payroll in under 5 minutes.

Apart from the great low price, why else should you choose Sage One Payroll over other software that’s out there? Well, we’ve stripped out all the jargon and simplified every process so that you don’t need any prior knowledge or training to get started.

It’s also cloud-based which means you can use it from any Internet-enabled device, including a Mac or iPad and is always kept up-to-date with the latest PAYE legislation (like when Real Time Information was introduced in April) meaning you don’t have to pay for upgrades or install any software.

To take a closer look, watch the short video below in which Martin Bowman (Sage One Customer Support) demonstrates just how easy Sage One is to use and then sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

We’re sorry. This video is no longer available.