Earning ‘Residual Income’ through the Sage One Referral Scheme

6 years ago

Bob Earnshaw, BusinessPlus (Letchworth) LtdBy Bob Earnshaw, BusinessPlus (Letchworth) Ltd.

We’ve been Sage Business Partners or resellers as we were known in the past, since 1988. That part of the business is basically unchanged for us, although the software has moved on considerably. We find out what businesses need, recommend a Sage software solution, supply and install it.

The world started to change for us around 2009 when I was introduced to another business that revolved around what is termed ‘residual income’. The point about residual income is that you get paid whilst the customer remains a customer and you remain a reseller. Now I’ve been growing that business steadily, alongside our Sage business.

One of the other trends during this time has been the move towards cloud-based software. To put it simply, software that is hosted on someone else’s computer, accessed via the Internet (like Sage One).

With cloud-based software, you do need to be sure of at least three things: who it is being hosted with and the speed and availability of your Internet.

The Internet has certainly got faster, with the advent of fibre optic networks and the like and it is generally more available with broadband and Wi-Fi becoming more prevalent.

Sage One Referral Scheme

Now when a company we’ve partnered with, that we know and have trusted for many years like Sage asked us if we would like to promote their cloud based software, we were interested. When we learnt that we could earn a residual income from promoting their Sage One software too, we were hooked!

As I mentioned, the point about residual income is that you get paid whilst the customer remains a customer and you remain a reseller. That’s paid continuously, for work done once.

That’s what the Sage One Referral Scheme does for us. We earn up to 40% commission from the money people spend with Sage every month they stay with us.

It is simple to join; you get a Sage One portal website where you can check your progress and how much money you’ve earned. You get some free trial links to send to your customers via email, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can place the links on your website or blog too. Once someone signs up for Sage One via your link, you invoice Sage based on the revenue you have earned.

So, if you’d like to earn extra money for yourself and your business, sign up for the Sage One Referral Scheme today!

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