LedgerLive brings Credit Control and Risk Analysis to Sage One

6 years ago

LedgerLiveLedgerLive is a new service from Funding Options which I can best describe as credit control with a twist. Essentially, when you link Sage One Accounts with your LedgerLive account, LedgerLive will give you a risk analysis report of everyone who owes you money right now, even showing you your customer’s credit score.

How does it do this? Well, LedgerLive links with an online credit control database – Red Flag Alert – and uses this and your historic Sage One data to give you a dashboard view of your current trading position.

The dashboard details all the customers who owe you money, the credit score of each customer and how much they owe you. Drill down to each customer and you’ll see a far more detailed analysis of how important they are to you, how long they take to pay invoices, how this compares to your other customers and even advises on how much credit you should provide them. Best of all – LedgerLive is completely free!

I’ve seen a few credit control solutions aimed at the smallest of businesses and this is a unique take on an age old problem. Larger businesses have had this information at their fingertips for some time and traditionally it’s been a relatively expensive undertaking, way out the reach of the small business owner. Funding Options have utilised the cloud in such a way that they can deliver this level of information both instantaneously and so cheaply, the costs aren’t worth passing over to you.

It’s a pleasure to welcome innovation like this to the Sage One ecosystem so if you’re already a Sage One Accounts user, try it for yourself at https://ledgerlive.fundingoptions.com. If you’re not yet a Sage One Accounts user, sign up for a free 30 day trial now at https://uk.sageone.com/accounts

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