Has RTI (Real Time Information) really been that scary?

6 years ago

Neilson Watts (Associate Product Manager, Sage One Payroll)By Neilson Watts (Associate Product Manager, Sage One Payroll).

Out with the old and in with the new…has RTI really been that scary? Has it been that big of a culture shock to small businesses?

In a week that has seen HMRC announce they’ve had over 1 million ‘PAYE schemes’ starting to report their payroll returns under RTI…if we actually take a step back and reflect on this…it’s really quite an achievement and great milestone (considering the timescales imposed upon HMRC to ensure Universal Credits launch on time in October 2013).

If I cast my failing memory back to when I had hair, a 32 inch waist and (ahem) boyish good looks…when HMRC first introduced submitting payroll year end returns electronically, it was quite a challenging time for the HMRC and the technical issues they faced, but even more so for employers (so that’s what turned what hair I have grey and put on 3 stone in weight)!

HMRC deserves credit

I shudder in fear remembering those times. Sure, HMRC have had some teething issues over the last couple of weeks with their Free HMRC Basic PAYE Tools leaving a small number of employers unable to submit RTI returns, but you’ve got to give them some credit…they’ve been quick to respond to their issues and in all seriousness RTI has really gone quite smoothly in comparison to those dark early days of payroll year end electronic submissions.

With the 2012/13 tax year now becoming a distant memory and us already into tax month 2 of 2013/14 (where does the time go?) – we’ve had some great conversations with our customers over the last 12 to 18 months with 86% of Sage customers being aware of RTI in January 2013 (bucking the Federation of Small Business research which indicated only 1 in 4 small businesses were aware of RTI).

Sage One Payroll users feel educated and prepared

We had fantastic feedback from customers on how we’ve kept them informed too. They told us they felt educated and prepared for RTI, and now that they are submitting RTI returns as business as usual…96% described it as ‘really easy’ and 100% indicated it hasn’t changed how long it takes them to process their payroll.

Our Payroll software might not be free (you do get what you pay for) but it’s cheap as chips (making Payroll and RTI compliance for small businesses brilliantly simple and great value for money to boot).

Don’t believe us? Take a quick look at the video below in which John Moore (Fryer Tuck’s Fish & Chip Shop) tells us he can pay his 8 employees in less than 5 minutes using Sage One Payroll. (I dare you not to drool over his fish and chips)!

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