Shortlist for 2013 Thinking Digital Startup Competition revealed!

6 years ago

Well, the waiting is over and we’re excited to reveal the shortlist for the 2013 Thinking Digital Startup Competition sponsored by Sage One.

Dr Richard Exley (Northstar Ventures), Dr Stephen Price (Northstar Ventures), Paul Smith (ignite100) and Paul Lancaster (Sage One UK) had the difficult but enjoyable task of judging all the oustanding applications we received from the UK and Europe.

The following early stage tech startups will now take part in a live pitching event at Newcastle University Business School on Tuesday 21st May as part of the Thinking Digital Conference:

Bubblepix Ltd (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Bubblepix is all about capturing, sharing and re-living what’s going on around you. Not using flat, single perspective movies or images, but fully immersive 360o media which they call ‘Bubbles’. The BubbleScope, an optical accessory is the only instant 360 photo and video connected device on the market, backed up with a full sharing and media platform online (think YouTube for 360o).

Chirp (London)

Chirp is a new way to share data using sound. Almost any device that makes sound (radios, TVs, webpages, smartphones) can now broadcast web links. Chirp for iOS was the #1 Download in the UK, Germany, Canada and China and the founders intend to license their tech to brands, broadcasters and advertisers.

EarSoft (Newcastle upon Tyne)

EarSoft have developed technology to make any audio content accessible for almost anyone, no matter where they are or what they’re using to enjoy their sound. They’re unlocking the doors for an ‘HD’ audio revolution and freeing Film, TV and Music producers to make superb audio that will blow away their audience, no matter if they’re in the cinema with an amazing sound system, on a train with a pair of cheap headphones or if they are hearing impaired like 18% of the UK population.

Future Ad Labs (London)

Future Ad Labs have created ‘PlayCaptcha’, an alternative to Captchas (those hard to read words at the bottom of online forms to prove you are human), replacing them with short fun mini-games. Because PlayCaptcha use branded mini-games, they generate income for website owners, advertising opportunities for businesses and a positive experience for website users.

Good Night Lamp (London)

The Good Night Lamp is a family of internet-connected lamps that allow you to share your routine, presence and availability to your loved ones. Turn a Big Lamp on and Little Lamps around the world turn on too. The Good Night Lamp has been featured in/on Wired, BoingBoing, Slashdot, Canal+ and Music 6 since its launch at CES 2013 in Las Vegas. The Good Night Lamp brings the internet of things to consumers of all ages in an easy and accessible way.

LICUOS (Madrid)

LICUOS is a global B2B payment platform where businesses can compensate and settle their commercial debts, reducing their dependence on the traditional banking system to significantly improve their working capital and cash flow management. By applying their solution, businesses from all economic sectors and sizes, including public administration and non-profits, achieve an important reduction in their funding needs and credit risk exposure. The technology enables an efficient and highly secure processing of accounts payable and receivable transactions, 24/7 and in real-time, to deliver the best financial optimization and user experience.

Omlis Ltd (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Using Omlis, digital services can enable customers to instantly access their systems, verify transactions and protect data and information effortlessly and simply by touching the screen of their smart phone or device. Whether at a till, in front of a workstation or in a café with a notebook, highly secure access and transaction verification can be provided instantaneously using novel optical codes or soft mobile radio modifications. Applications are diverse, ranging from instant in-store payments to very convenient bank account access, full payment services, to corporate and military remote system access and mobile data security.

PointCrowds (Oxford / London)

PointCrowds are building a solution which allows groups of people to collectively create 3D models of things just using their cameras. Think of them as ‘Open Streetmap for Things’. Most solutions like this can only work on photographs of things taken at the same time, with the same camera, on the same day in the same place. Their solution doesn’t have such limitations, allowing people to take pictures and collaboratively build point clouds (the things that 3D scanned models are made of). Their simple, web-based tools make it easy to upload images, highlight the areas of interest and submit them to projects for processing. A crowdsourcing mechanic encourages people to play and work together to make wonderful, high resolution models.

Spearhead Interactive (Middlesbrough)

Spearhead Interactive develop bespoke online 3D solutions for business, education and public sector markets – delivered across PC, Mac and mobile devices and dedicated standalone hardware.

YPlan (London)

YPlan is tonight’s going out app. Brought to you by a dedicated team of experts with unrivalled experience at Time Out, TopTable, GetTaxi, Songkick, Airbnb and, puts London in the palm of your hand. With a carefully curated shortlist of top events, from hot gigs like Kanye West, dazzling entertainment at the Roundhouse, an invitation-only event such as Sofar Sounds, or one of London’s best-kept secrets like chessboxing, they’ve got it covered. As the world’s first mobile-only event booking app. YPlan fills the void in the ticketed entertainment market place, revolutionising how consumers go out and socialise.

What happens next?

All 10 businesses receive free entry to the Thinking Digital Livecast Lounge, a free 12-month license for our easy-to-use, jargon-free Sage One Accounts software and credit for Rackspace hosting.

They will also give a 3 minute pitch to a panel of judges and a live audience of tech startup fans, influencers and investors at Newcastle University Business School on Tuesday 21st May.

The top two startups (as chosen by the audience and the judges) will then pitch again at the main Thinking Digital Conference where the audience of up to 500 delegates will choose an overall winner.

If you’d like to witness the live pitches in person, buy your ticket for the Startup Competition, Women in Tech Panel and Conference Party now for just £10 at

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