Unfortunately last week and over the weekend I have been suffering from a very painful tooth infection. My normal dentist managed to see me, with a lot of persuasion.

Reluctantly they gave me an appointment, threw a prescription at me and in 10 minutes I was on my way. They recommended root canal surgery but could not fit me in for a month despite the fact I was in a lot of pain with impact on another condition I suffer from. Sorry to bore you with my ailments, but the fact I was in this condition is relevant to this blog.

During the evening the pain was getting worse, so I grabbed my iPad and I searched for an ‘Emergency Dentist’ and found one in Newcastle, about 30 mins away from me and explained my circumstances. Within 10 minutes I had an appointment, text messages on how to locate them and a very well-informed dental nurse explaining what was going to happen including costs which incidentally was NHS contribution only. This was with an organisation I had never heard of.

As I was driving there, I started to get suspicious. I’m just not used to such great service from a dentist (in my experience the reception staff are usually uninformative and slightly rude). I thought maybe when I got there there, bearing in mind it was 9pm on a Friday evening, they would say I needed to pay a huge call out fee…but no, when I got there I had a welcome from the dental nurse and met the dentist.

Throughout the procedure he kept me informed with exactly what he was doing and why. When all was over I paid my small fee and I was on my way. Since the procedure I have had text messages from the nurse asking how I was and if I had questions, and when I asked questions, by text, they were responded to within minutes!…Wow! What fantastic service and I have not even mentioned the actual dental treatment- which incidentally was excellent.

I say ‘incidentally’ because in fact I imagine most dentists are good at what they do, but the service that goes around it is not normally good enough. Suffice it to say I will be changing my dentist for this practice.

The point of this blog  is just to say how important the service aspect of your business is. Do not underestimate the benefits of keeping customers informed, showing understanding and going the extra mile.

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