Sage One Payroll user ‘Fryer Tucks’ appears on BBC Breakfast

6 years ago

Fryer Tuck's - Barnard Castle's Number 1 Fish & Chip ShopForget the celebrity entrepreneurs that you see on TV, it’s people like John Moore of Fryer Tuck’s fish and chip shop who are the real unsung heroes of British business.

Over the past 35yrs, John has built his business up to be ‘Barnard Castle’s No.1 fish and chip shop’ and prides himself on serving delicious food that is made in the region’s only ‘green’ frying machine.

Despite the traditional nature of his business, John has embraced technology by moving his payroll system into the cloud by using our Sage One Payroll software to process payments for his staff.

After John did a great interview for us last week, an opportunity arose for us to recommend someone for the BBC Breakfast show to talk to about the new Real Time Information (RTI) legislation for PAYE which is coming into force on 6th April.

We naturally thought of John who is a great example of the everyday entrepreneurs who are using Sage One software to save time and effort so they can focus more on their thriving core business.

During the BBC Breakfast interview (below) John said:

I used to have a spread sheet and staff would give me their hours. I would then go down through the spread sheet, work out their National Insurance and income tax, which I would then have to put in the account and then once a quarter file that to HMRC and pay the money across. Now I go to the computer and put in the hours and push the button, and it works. It does it for me. It’s brilliant!”

“I’m not aware of how the Government see the RTI reporting to be better for them, but it certainly saves me time. Rather than 3 months doing it manually, every week, I put in the wages and press the button – and it’s filed. Done!”

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Are you RTI-ready like John?

If you’ve got employees or pay yourself using PAYE then the HMRC has said you must start using RTI-enabled payroll software from 6th April 2013.

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