How to migrate to Sage One Payroll in under 5 minutes!

6 years ago

Ka-PowBy Neilson Watts (Associate Product Manager, Sage One Payroll).

If you sit still for 5 minutes it can feel like a long time. A very long time. And this gave me some thinking time: how many Batman fight captions can I get into a blog?

Then I had to come back to reality and think about how we can challenge our technical geeks (I mean geniuses) at the Sage One Bat Cave so that they can use their Bat utility belts.

So I picked up the Bat Phone – POW! – and I challenged them to come up with some new techy gadget. BIFF! There was silence at the other end – OOFF! I had them stumped… or so I thought!

A couple of days later my big red phone started to flash uncontrollably so I answered it. It was the Sage One technical geeks. WHAMM! They hit me with it.

Switch from HMRC RTI Real Time PAYE in 5 MinutesZOK! They asked me if I could move data from HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools to Sage One Payroll in under 5 minutes by simply rekeying the information? Believe me I tried and I couldn’t.

This is when they hit me with it: they had, through black magic and wizardry created the ability to move key company and employee information to be imported from HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools to Sage One Payroll in a matter of a couple of minutes. ZOWIE!

That’s when it hit me like a combination of punches: VRONK! ZLONK! Can we get customers to import their employee information from HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools and run their first payroll in under 5 minutes? You bet you we can!
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One response to “How to migrate to Sage One Payroll in under 5 minutes!”

  1. Unfortunately the facility described in this blog post is no longer available. Here is how Sage support responded today (3 April 2017) to a request for its whereabouts:
    “Sage One payroll used to have an import facility to migrate from HMRC basic tools but this is no longer available and data wil have to be imported manually”