Cloud nine for small businesses

6 years ago

Google+How real businesses are using cloud software like Sage One Accounting and Google Apps for Business to cut costs, improve security and increase productivity.

The phrase ‘cloud computing’ only entered the Oxford English Dictionary in June 2012 but it’s already having a big impact in the lives of entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Already, five million businesses use Google Apps. Defined as “the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer,” it’s a new way to get access to traditional business software applications like email, accounts, spreadsheets, word processing.

Increasingly, too, it’s a way for businesses to tap into powerful big-company tools like video conferencing, document sharing and more without the expense or technical demands.

Welcome to the Hangout

On 7th February, we (Sage One) hosted our first live, ‘On Air’ Google+ Hangout (a kind of online video discussion), moderated by Matthew Stibbe from Articulate Marketing, to discuss cloud computing and how it benefits growing businesses (see below).

In it, Google’s Neil Delaney talks about the how cloud computing is delivering pay-as-you-go pricing, simple setup and the way it supports mobile and flexible working without compromising security. Nick Goode, Head of Sage One discussed the freedom it brings to concentrate on running the business rather than dealing with IT issues.

They also discussed the way that real companies are using their products to improve their business. Getting to the heart of the question, Ami Copeland from the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers described the way that the Institute’s members are transforming the way the work and opening up new opportunities for themselves as small businesses in their own right and, in turn, for their clients.

Top Tips

The whole video is definitely worth watching but the panellists concluded with their top recommendations for people thinking of adopting cloud technology:

* Change has become the constant. Whatever your profession, you have to embrace the tools you need to do your work better. The great thing about cloud computing is that you can try before you buy so don’t be intimidated by it. (Sage One Accounts and Payroll software automatically comes with a FREE 30 day trial)
* You should focus on what differentiates you from your competitors and apply your resources there. The cloud will always give you better capability for software than anything you can develop for yourself at a fraction of the cost. Moving to the cloud can be positively transformative for your business
* It’s time for everyone to stop worrying about security in the cloud. Provided that the vendors that you are working with are trusted and have great infrastructure, they can be confident that their data is secure.

If you’d like to know more about Google+ take a look at our previous blog ‘What is Google+ and why should your business use it?‘.

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