Everyone loves pay day (don’t they)?

6 years ago

http://uk.sageone.com/small-business-accounting-software-for-the-ipad/Nick Goode (Head of Sage One)By Nick Goode (Head of Sage One).

Do you love chocolate? Christmas? Sushi? The sea? Maybe – but I bet you can find someone who doesn’t. Even chips or roller coasters or a lie in. Some people prefer salad, walking, getting up early.

So here’s a challenge: Is pay day the one thing everyone loves? You know the day you get paid, right? You plan towards it. If you run your own business it can be hard to know when you get paid by customers, but paid by yourself, your company, you know. If you were ever out of work, how did it feel when you got your first pay cheque in the new job?

How would it feel to not get paid on time? Or paid too little? Or your National Insurance and tax were wrong? Getting paid on time and accurately are things we possibly take for granted – and for good cause. You’ve worked hard, you deserve to get paid as you expect.

Point is, everyone loves pay day and being paid right. A piece of software either in your organisation or at your accountants’ office or in a payroll bureau somewhere is calculating then paying your wages or salary. That information is shared with HMRC, and you get your money.

As Head of Sage One, I feel strongly about the effect of excellent products and services on our customers and their staff. Software that does the job but that causes you pain (time wasted, errors, disagreement between staff) removes the benefits it should bring. Payroll is a great example: it just has to work the way you need it to at the price you need, with support if you need that too, end of. No discussion. If it were to fail, your staff would not only be hacked off and unproductive, the wider implications could be important. Imagine not paying your rent or buying that gift because you didn’t get paid on time. Unnecessary consequence.

RTI-enabled Sage One Payroll is easy to use – FACT!

I just got the data back from a survey that our product management team did on Sage One Payroll and the fact that from 6th April 2013 all employers need to submit information to HMRC every time they pay staff (known as Real Time Information or RTI). 100% said they found the experience easy, 82% of those “very easy”. No-one took longer to do RTI payroll than pre-RTI payroll because the RTI features are baked into Sage One in such a way that you don’t have to think. Furthermore, 70% of Sage One Payroll users have little to no prior payroll knowledge or expertise which is testament to the ease of our software!

The double whammy of new compliance (RTI) and the negativity of payroll gone wrong (everybody loves pay day) could be major for employers. I’m delighted to say it’s not for our customers. From just £5+VAT per month which includes FREE 24hr telephone and email support in the UK you can have total peace of mind by using Sage One Payroll.

We haven’t formally asked our customers yet where they were or what device they used to run their last payroll using our cloud-based Sage One software but I hope they were using whatever device suited them. Payroll from home or in a coffee shop on an iPad? Why not?

Your staff will love pay day just the same and we think the extra freedom Sage One gives you will make you happier and more efficient too. Start your FREE 30 day trial of Sage One Payroll now to see just how easy it is to use!

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