HMRC asks employers ‘Are you ready to report PAYE in real time?’

6 years ago

From 6th April 2013, all employers must start sending PAYE information in ‘Real Time’, on or before the date they pay their employees. Manual payroll will no longer be allowed and you must have software which submits information to HMRC every time you process a payroll.

From today (6th February) and in batches throughout the month, HMRC will be sending (attention-grabbing) red letters to employers reminding them of the new legislation change and explaining the steps they must take before April to ensure they are RTI-Ready.

In a nutshell, the letter and accompanying insert (below) will:

  • make it clear that they should have already spoken to their software provider, payroll bureau, or agent (if they have one), and updated or acquired new software and
  • emphasise that if they haven’t done this yet, they should do it straight away.

HMRC Real Time Information letter sent on 6th February 2013

The message is clear. At the time of writing you’ve got just 2 months to ensure you are using ‘RTI-enabled’ software to process your own payroll or find a service provider that has it. Failure to comply with the new legal obligations could lead to penalties for your business!

Sage One is RTI-Ready!

Luckily for our customers, we’ve been working closely with HMRC over the past 12 months to ensure that our Sage One Payroll software is RTI-Ready for 6th April. So, if you’re already a Sage One Payroll user you’ve got nothing to fear as we’ve got everything covered (see our demo video above). However, if you don’t yet have payroll software, you can get it now at:

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