Have you done your Self Assessment tax return yet? (Deadline: 31st Jan 2013)

6 years ago

HM Revenue & CustomsIf you’re self-employed or registered to complete, the deadline for submitting a Self Assessment tax return to HM Revenue & Customs is Midnight on Thursday 31st January 2013 (but only if they sent you a letter telling you to complete a tax return after 31st October 2012).

I’ve just done mine, thank goodness, and am grateful to be able to self-navigate around Her Majesties Revenue and Customs Self Assessment System. For those that are not used to this sort of thing, I am sure they must struggle.

The user interface and interaction is going to become a bigger issue as more and more people move away from paper-based submissions (currently around 80% of all submissions) and now that Child Benefit has become taxable income and will require declaration via Self Assessment the total number of submissions will go up.

Those of you who have an accountant (and better still use Sage One Accounts to calculate your business profits) I guess will have had your Self Assessment done for you by now. But if you do your own and are like me, will leave it to the last minute (as it seems thousands of others do too).

I’ve just been looking to see if I can find out how many and what proportion of returns are submitted on the last day (31st January) couldn’t find much although the number of people submitting online was up to 77% for the year 2010-2011.

What I did find however were lots of articles and information on the penalties for late filing so stop reading this and do your Self Assessment!

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  1. Hi my payment allocation on my self assessment tax return is saying not yet used what does this mean? A have already requested a repayment so does not yet used specifically mean something?