Move from the Old World to the New World with Google Apps for Business

6 years ago

Michael Smith (Appamondo)Guest post by Michael Smith, Co-founder and Director of Appamondo, an authorised seller of Google Apps.

Michael has over 20 years’ experience in blue-chip telecommunications, technology and retail, including Tiscali, Bluebell Telecom Group, BT Cellnet and TMS Worldwide before setting up Appamondo.

Pre-Cloud working

We at Appamondo live, operate and communicate in the cloud in a time-efficient world, devoid of paper but it wasn’t always that way. In previous roles, I am not afraid to admit that I wasted valuable time searching for emails, requesting or being asked to resend documents that I or my colleagues were unable to find in my inbox – which in itself was stuffed full of emails and data from the previous 5 years.

Then there was the matter of meetings – myself and my colleagues forced to travel to an equidistant point so we could have a weekly face-to-face. Or the attempts at collaborative working, sending out documents for comment and then trying to work out a final revision from red-lined versions, scanned scribbles etc.

But, probably like you all, I thought that this was the only way. I just laboured on – inefficiently trying to remote into the company server from cafes, hotels and shopping centres whilst on the move. Unable to get access to documents, and sometimes even email, on my mobile.

I was fortunate enough to see the light and discover that cloud technology could remedy all of this and make my business life simple, clutter-free and speedily available on any device, any place in the world and at any time. In fact, I was impressed with it so much that we now manage a rapidly growing business deploying simple but dynamic solutions such as Google Apps for Business to other businesses just like ourselves.

The business benefits of ‘The Cloud’

The cloud offers a small business an immediate means of removing unnecessary hardware, software and all the associated maintenance costs and complexities. All the stuff you were told was an imperative 5 or 10 years ago is no longer necessary – of course, no one is going to tell you that. So take your time to consider alternatives and you will reach the conclusion that there are powerful reasons to change.

What we know is that time is money to small business. By embracing the cloud, we can recover 25% of time lost through colleagues and employees using legacy mail services. On top of that, we estimate there is a cost saving of up to 75%.

Add to this benefits such as video conferencing with multiple colleagues, collaborating remotely on documents and presentations, reducing travel time through use of technology and getting rid of all the hassle associated with what you traditionally called ‘IT’ – and you will be asking yourself the question, “Why didn’t we think about this sooner?”

Well, part of the answer to that there needs to be a workable alternative. Our business is all about supporting small businesses from the Old World to the New, supporting businesses right down to user level to make this transition.

Have you thought about moving from the Old World to the New World? What were/are your concerns? Please tell us in the Comments box below.

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