#SageOne star: Simon Coplestone & Wendy Park (Made Deli)

6 years ago

Made DeliSimon Coplestone owns and runs Made Deli, a thriving sandwich shop and delicatessen in Newcastle city centre. From early morning coffees for commuters, through to freshly-made sandwiches, home-baked cakes and an outside catering business too, Simon is certainly kept busy.

He has a number of staff who help him cover the lunchtime rush so Simon has to fit in managing his payroll whenever he can. He uses Sage One Payroll because it’s quick, easy and saves him money.

“When I looked at doing payroll through an accountant or bookkeeper, it seemed like quite a lot of money. I also like to have control and understand everything I do” he says.

So, despite having no experience of setting up a payroll before, Simon has found it straightforward to do with Sage One adding: “It is really easy and takes just minutes. It’s just a case of adding up the hours for each staff member and putting it into the system, printing off the payslips and that’s it”.

Simon started off working in kitchens, so it’s no surprise that he’s developed his passion for food into his own business with the deli.

“Probably like most people, I was working for someone else, feeling like I could do it better. I’m quite an independent person anyway, and I’d always wanted to do my own thing.”

Wendy Park, Manager of Made Deli, tells us why she likes Sage One Payroll

With staff hours changing to suit customer demand in the deli, Simon says it’s important that Sage One makes it easy to correct mistakes:

“I like the fact that if the staff hours have changed…then I’ll go back into the summaries report or employees report and change it. It’s very straightforward.”

Although most of the business is done from the shop, that doesn’t stop Simon having dreams of expanding the business in future. Knowing that he can manage the financial side of things from anywhere with Sage One is a definite advantage.

“I just have my laptop and I carry that around with me. So I know that if I ever go away and need to do the payroll, I can do it from anywhere in the world. It’s a nice idea to be in Australia, doing payroll. Maybe one day!”

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