Google Apps for Business and Sage One Accounts makes perfect sense!

6 years ago

Google Apps for BusinessSage One recently started working with Google on a range of new features to make life even easier for our users. The first was the introduction of a new Sage One app which gives existing users of Google Apps for Business faster access to their Sage One Accounts or Payroll through a universal sign-on.

To demonstrate how easy it is to use, I put a call out on Twitter for existing Google Apps for Business users to register for a FREE 30 day trial of Sage One Accounts, install the Sage One app and then tell me how it went.

The first person to respond was Will Roberts, an 18yr old digital marketing/SEO consultant for – ‘a personalised deals and voucher codes website where you find deals you actually care about’ who had this to say about the Sage One app:

“I’m used to using my Google Apps for Business account for operating most of the business now so this product just makes sense for me! Login and set up was as easy as signing in to my email account and the summary dashboard on the home screen is ideal for dealing with the accounts at a glance. The interface is clean and simple, even I can navigate it without a problem! I stumbled upon the video walkthroughs and they were worth the time to watch because otherwise there were features I would have missed without playing around (which I rarely have time for). I tried Sage on my iPad and it worked perfectly so maybe daily accounts will be done on the morning commute from now? Overall, it’s a great product and does exactly what it set out to do – I love it.” Will Roberts (

This was quickly followed by the following great reviews by Nikki Gilliland at and Flemming Arnott, a freelance web developer based in Newcastle upon Tyne:

“I’ve just tried out the new Sage One app on the Google Marketplace and found it to be a handy and convenient way of accessing and managing online accounts. For someone like myself who is often strapped for time, using new software can sometimes be a daunting and time consuming process – but there are no complicated features with Sage One. The simple user face and handy video tutorials make it easy to get to grips with, and by dealing with accounts on the go, it actually frees up time in the long run. An excellent and resourceful new product which I’ll definitely be using in future.” Nikki Gilliland (

“I wish I’d known about Sage One sooner as I’ve been doing all my invoicing manually in Word which is time consuming, prone to errors and above all doesn’t give me any idea how my business is doing from month to month. Since I’ve started using Sage One I’ve saved a lot of time and hassle, I have an instant summary of my income and expenses and most importantly I can see which invoices are overdue which is really useful for a small business. With the integration into Google Apps this is the perfect solution to my lazy invoicing issues. I’ve compared Sage One with a few other online accounts packages and while some of them seem like they might be as good as Sage One, I want to know that whoever is storing my accounts data is going to be around in a couple of years time so opting for Sage One was an easy decision for me as Sage is a name I trust.” Flemming Arnott (Flemming Arnott Web Design).

Try the Sage One app for yourself!

If you’re an existing Google Apps for Business user and would like to try our free Sage One app for yourself, follow the instructions below:

1. Register for a FREE 30 day trial of Sage One Accounts

(This is completely free and there’s absolutely no charge unless you manually add your Direct Debit details under ‘Settings > Billing Settings’).

2. Once your Sage One account has been created, download the free Sage One UK app from the Google Apps Marketplace at

(This is basically a single sign-on which allows you to link the two accounts for quick and easy access).

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