Developing Sage One with Ruby on Rails

6 years ago

By Stephen Lloyd-Hirst (Sage One Development Team Leader).

Stephen Lloyd-Hirst

I’m Stephen and I’m a Development Team Leader for Sage One. I’ve been with Sage (UK) Limited a while and with Sage One from the very start. I thought you’d be interested in knowing a bit more about how we develop Sage One and give you an insight into some of the technologies we use.

Sage One is written using “Ruby on Rails” – what’s that I hear you ask? Ruby on Rails is made up of two parts, yes you guessed it, Ruby and Rails.

Ruby is a dynamic, open source language focusing on simplicity and productivity that has been around since 1995. It is designed in such a way that unlike other programming languages is easy to read. In computer programming the typical “out of the box” example everyone wants to build is “Hello World”. In Ruby this is very simply achieved by: 

puts “Hello World” 

If you have a Ruby environment setup the running the above code will simply output “Hello World” to the console, it’s as easy as that. If you want to learn more about Ruby, its origins, syntax and so on then head over to

Rails is an “an open-source web framework optimised for programmer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favouring convention over configuration” (see for more info).

Rails was created by David Heinemeier Hansson in order for him and his company 37Signals to write Basecamp, a popular project and collaboration suite of tools. So essentially Ruby is a programming language and Rails is a framework that lets us easily build web application like Sage One.

Who uses Ruby on Rails? Well, Sage One UK, Sage One Ireland and Sage One North America for a start. Other sites you will most certainly have heard of include TwitterGrouponYellow PagesShopifyLivingsocial and many more.

Why do we use Ruby on Rails over other programming languages and frameworks? Quite simply it allows us to build applications like Sage One rapidly and within small agile teams. It also as you probably have seen allows us to adapt Sage One easily by adding new features and gives us a high degree of flexibility.

Ruby on Rails developer? Come and work for us

If you’re an awesome Ruby on Rails developer we want you to join our Sage One team at Sage (UK) Limited, a FTSE-100 business software company. We’re currently looking for star developers to help us continue to rapidly grow and deliver great products and services. We’re looking for talented and driven web developers who can bring their experience to the job. Previous experience in Ruby on Rails is not essential as on the job training can be provided. You will be able to bring along your web development experience, and help us continue to improve the way we work.

The Sage One team are highly skilled and driven individuals, together forming customer focused agile scrum teams, who employ Test Driven methodologies to release continually. We’re working on several exciting new Rails projects and want to encourage you to bring your ideas to the team. The development team often go to industry events and regularly attend and have spoken at local Ruby user group meetings.

Interested? See the full job spec and online application here.