RTI and the importance of data integrity

6 years ago

By Melanie Fields (Sage One Support Team).

Now then Mrs Dummy, are you sure that you’re male? As crazy as this may sound, it may surprise you to learn that when HMRC were completing pre-RTI (Real Time Information) data checks, they found 128 employees with the non-existent names of ‘Mr or Mrs Dummy’ and another 507 employees named ‘A N Other.’

Melanie Fields (Sage One Support Team)If you think you might be one of these employers, I recommend you check your data as soon as possible and make sure that the following employee details are all present and correct:

* Full name (as it appears on an official document such as a driving license or passport)
* Gender
* Address
* Date of birth
* National insurance number

Under new RTI legislation which is introduced in April 2013, all of your employee data must be correct so that HMRC can align the information they hold with employer details to aid the introduction of Universal Credits.

With the introduction of RTI, your information needs to be kept up to date and some of this responsibility falls to the employee.

For example, if the employee changes their surname or address, they must contact HMRC to let them know. This is so next time you submit, all of the employee information still matches the information HMRC holds.

Sage One Payroll is RTI-ready a full 6 months before legislation comes into force to ensure you stay ahead of the game. If you’re not already a user you can start your FREE 30 day trial today. We’re sure you’ll love it…I do! ♥

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