Continuous development through customer feedback

6 years ago

By Ken Horn (Sage One Support Team).

Have you ever filled in a customer comment card for a company and just felt like it would just end up in the bin? Well here at Sage One our product development is actually driven by your feedback.

Here at Sage One, we have a process called ‘What Our Customers Are Talking About’ which is more commonly known as the much snappier WOCATA. If you contact us on the Customer Support Line (0845 111 66 11), via the email address ( or even fill in one of our short email surveys you may have received after we have given you support; it doesn’t fall on deaf ears. We collate all of the information to see if we can see any trends. Once a week this is passed to our development team and it is used to shape the future of Sage One Accounts and Payroll.

Help us to help you! Keep the feedback coming by dropping us an email, filling in those after call surveys or just telling us what you think when you call the Customer Support Team for help or advice and we’ll make sure all of your feedback is listened to. You can also tell us what you think on our Facebook Page or by posting a Tweet including the special hashtag #SageOne

2 responses to “Continuous development through customer feedback”

  1. When will Sageone support the following basic functions?

    Import of CSV data for Customers, Supliers, Invoices and Receipts

    Annual Accounting for VAT

  2. Hi Paul, we already support import for Suppliers, Customers and Products but Import functionality will be extended overtime to cater for other things plus also to support opening balances and transactions.