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6 years ago

Neilson Watts Post by Neilson Watts, Associate Product Manager for Sage One Payroll. When Neilson’s not geeking out over Payroll and RTI he can be found searching for the Lambton Worm with his dog. 

It’s still probably one of the best kept payroll secrets, with employers in the main still blissfully unaware that most businesses in the UK will need to comply with RTI legislation from April 2013.


But we’re proud to announce that we’re RTI Ready and we’ve got customers submitting under RTI already!

With well over six months of hard work, perspiration and effort we believe we’ve delivered the most awesomely simple RTI experience within Sage One Payroll.

It’s so simple, it’s just part of the normal four-step process you complete for your payroll, guaranteeing your RTI compliance. We're RTI Ready

So where did it all start? At Sage One Payroll HQ, our design team quickly set the challenge that RTI compliance should not change the way our customers use Sage One Payroll to pay their employees today, with simplicity ruling the roost.

Our Business Analysts set about absorbing everything we needed to do to ensure our customers would be RTI compliant and what we needed to do to ensure an HMRC stamp of approval within their recognition process, with the design team making sure that the design was simple and straightforward.

Supported by our development and testing teams, it was in late October 2012 when the hard work started to pay off when we received recognition from HMRC for the Full Payment Submission – i.e. the submission you’ll need to make every time you pay your employees.

What about that first submission?

In early November, after recruiting a number of Sage One Payroll customers to participate in HMRCs early adoption of RTI, we waited with bated breath for the first customer to submit. To be honest, we wanted to help them make that first submissions. We wanted to watch them do it… push that button! But to our frustration they flatly refused, as they preferred to go it alone.

So what happened next?

So we waited… and waited… and we started to worry. Had it gone wrong? Did the customer get stuck? What happened?!! We could wait no more so we gave the customer a quick phone call and was told, “Oh yeah it went through fine.”

As first, I was a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see it; we wanted to support the customer through the very first RTI submission using Sage One Payroll. But it quickly dawned on me. What better testament can you get to the success of the simplicity of Sage One Payroll than the customer doing it themselves? With no training, no support and no help!

And that is why, ladies and gentlemen, I love Sage One Payroll… and you can too!

So what happens in April 2013?

This is the best bit. You don’t have to install anything and you don’t have to change the way you do your payroll. We’ll seamlessly deliver RTI compliance to you and will provide you with everything you need, so don’t worry.

Brilliantly simple RTI compliance with Sage One Payroll!

Are you participating in our pilot for RTI? What’s been your experience to date? How simple have you found it? We’d love to hear why you love Sage One Payroll too so please leave your comments in the box! 

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  1. we are using sage on yes progressed from some 10 years sage payroll to sageone and find the move went well all ok as it should be so helpful advise and alls progressing smoothly thanks sage team – from  john at professionals unlimited