PRIME 'Sage One Senior Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2012'

6 years ago

Every year, half a million people set out to start a business of their own and the Sage One team is firm in our belief that it’s never too late to become part of that figure.

On 14th November, at the International Senior Enterprise and Mentoring Conference at the BT centre in Central London, the Sage One team was proud to be part of the first ever award that celebrated the commercial achievements and diversity of over 50s entrepreneurs, in partnership with PRIME (The Prince’s Initiative for Mature Enterprise).

We wanted the Sage One Senior Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2012 to stand for innovation, dedication and ambition.  This year’s winner, inventor and entrepreneur Malcolm Victory possesses all three traits, and then some.  He not only won our top accolade, but also snatched the “Best Product of the Year” category, for his invention, The Rotaire Dryline.

Malcolm, 61, from Malvern had a life career in graphics and design but in his early fifties decided to take decisive action to ensure that he was financially stable later in life.  Putting his design skills to good use, Malcolm came up with The Rotaire Dryline – an ingenious invention to take the stress out of drying clothes outdoors, whilst saving energy and thereby saving money.

“I am highly honoured to have been awarded this accolade,” he said. “Although I never expected to win, it makes me very humble to be seen as a role model for mature entrepreneurs, especially with such an energy saving Green product”.

It’s inspiring – and with more life experience and in many cases, industry knowledge, business men and women like Malcolm are creating successful businesses all over the UK which no doubt will have an increasingly positive impact on our economy.

The winners at the awards proved that in showcasing their achievements and demonstrated that if you’ve got a great idea, real ambition and the right support then there really should be nothing to hold you back.

We are firm believers that turning your dream of being entrepreneurial into reality should, and can, be easy.  All it takes is a great idea – with the right support in place to grow it into a great business.  There has never been such an opportunity to succeed in business, with the tools and technology we have at our disposal. 

Congratulations to Malcolm – after seeing so many inspiring entrepreneurs and enterprises over the course of the last week we’re already looking forward to the competition next year!

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