The power of co-working

6 years ago

21 November 2012 was National Freelancers Day here in the UK, so we wanted to do something to reward the freelancers and micro-businesses that our Sage One cloud-based software is ideal for.

As such, we decided to host a free co-working event at Clavering House, Newcastle upon Tyne – covering the cost of the first 20 people to arrive at the space (normal price £15 per person).

We spent the morning working alongside a fantastic group of freelancers including local developers and designers, a professional image consultant and the editor of North East digital, creative and tech scene blog Epic Times who has written a great article on the event titled ‘Freelancers Rock!

What is co-working?

Co-working is something that has grown in popularity in North America and Europe in recent years but is still a fairly new concept for many in the UK. Unlike hot-desking in a coffee shop or library, co-working usually involves a ‘host’ who plays an active role in welcoming people into the space, looking after them for the day and making informal introductions to encourage collaboration and knowledge sharing between attendees.

Who are the co-workers?

Modern technology means that anyone working in the knowledge economy can be a co-worker. All you really need is a wi-fi enabled laptop or tablet, a mobile phone and perhaps some business cards to get started. Co-working spaces usually provide free wi-fi, power, a desk and often free coffee/tea. The rest is down to you.
Mobile working with Sage One

Because our Sage One accounts and payroll software is cloud-based, you can access and keep it updated from anywhere you have an internet connection, making it perfect for freelancers and mobile working. If you’re new to Sage One and want to give it a go you can start a FREE 30 day trial now.

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