Everyone is a potential customer

6 years ago

Recently I have been driving my friends and family mad (even more than usual!) banging on about Sage One Accounts and Sage One Payroll.

I have a surprising number of friends who are self employed or run a business and I’ve been telling them all about our services and why they should give up with their existing accounting system (or non-system in most cases!), especially one of my best friends, who until recently used a well-known American brand!

His bookkeeper is so pleased he made the swap on all three of his business concerns.

He has a café, a domestic computer-repair business and a specialist computer network manufacturing business. They find Sage One so much easier to use.

I also have a friend who has a business transporting disabled people to and from hospital and care centres.

He thinks Sage One will fit his business really well, since he carries a tablet with him and thinks he will be able to do his billing to the local authority on the go, between jobs.

His wife will be pleased, as he won’t be spending the evenings in his back bedroom doing paperwork – he can look after their baby instead!

Customers are everywhere

The list goes on: friends, friends of friends… It’s old-fashioned networking, word-of-mouth, but in recent years, this way of marketing has been revolutionised with the introduction of social media: FaceBook, Twitter and all the usual suspects.

This got me thinking about Sage One customers and how we help them grow their businesses with us.  I need some more time to think about this and consult our resident marketing expert Zeinab Lenton, a fellow Sage One blogger…

Maybe it’s just a case of thinking about who you know and whether they could be potential customers of your business.

And it’s not just people you have close relationships with – people that you meet in passing through the course of everyday life could also be potential customers.  I tried to sign up my wife’s employer last week – still working on it!

I know there is more to life than business and there is a balance to strike, but just remember everyone is a potential customer! How do you reach out to potential customers? What works for your business?

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