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6 years ago

Guest post by David Tappenden, Sage One Customer Service team

For many small business owners and managers the decision to buy new accounting software can be slightly daunting. A lack of understanding or experience in this area can lead to a stressful process. Often the result is that those in this situation look to colleagues, friends or accountants for guidance and recommendations.

How can accountants help?

Sage One might just be the perfect solution, with an offering for both the small business owner and the accountant.

Sage One Accountant Edition benefits both client and accountant by leaving the complex accounting tasks to the accountant so the business owner can do what they do best and focus on running their business.

Sage One Accountant Edition comes with the same great benefits as Sage One Accounts and Sage One Payroll, like working online from anywhere at any time via a multitude of devices and of course it also comes with free 24/7 telephone support but it also includes the right tools accountants need to manage clients. Including:

  • The ability to enter full opening balances
  • Locking down data entry to a specific date
  • Journal transactions
  • Customisation of the chart of accounts
  • Management reports in periodical or transactional views
  • Extra reports like the nominal activity report
  • Full access to all clients data 24/7
  • The ability to export the trial balance into a format which imports directly into Sage Accounts Production & Sage Accounts Production Advanced

As an accountant you want to be in control of your client’s data and the ability to do this regularly without having to travel and at no extra cost has to be a benefit right? The ability to regularly dip into clients data whenever you want is also going to help avoid finding surprises within the data.

For example, If you’ve finished posting month end adjustments  and don’t want the client processing back into that period, the “lock date” feature allows you to specify a date to ‘lock down’ the service.

This prevents the client from entering transactions before the date you’ve specified. This will save time as it removes the need to look back over this period to see what adjustments have been posted giving you more control over the data.

The client benefits knowing that their data is always accurate and when it comes to year ends or submitting VAT returns for example everything is up to date.

Spread the word of Sage One throughout the accountant world and make working with your clients a simple experience!

Find out more:

If you’re an accountant and want to find out more about Sage One and how you can use it to help your existing clients and also how you can use it to reach more clients why not check out our previous blog on the Sage Online Accounting Programme or alternatively contact our Sage One Accountant Account Manager Liz Smith on 0845 111 11 11 or by email

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