Movember Mo Bros (and Mo Sistas)

6 years ago

Post by Adam Georgeson, Sage One QA Team member & Mo Bro

November – the month of Guy Fawkes and moustaches.

It’s that time of year where men (and women) will be doing their bit to raise awareness and funds for men’s health, particularly prostate and testicular cancer.

Every Movember, men agree to be clean shaven on the 1st of Movember, and for the 30 days that follow they grow and groom their mo. Razors are still used to perfect one’s mo, and ensure that the mo doesn’t become a beard or a goatee.

As well as the Mo Bros there are also Mo Sistas, who are usually forgiven for not growing a lip tickler. However they still have an equally important role to play. Whether it be supporting their friends, colleagues, family or loved ones, using a sharpie or even getting a tattoo, Mo Sistas – we salute you.

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We feel this is a great charity to support, as not only does it raise money for a great cause it’s also great fun. As well as a conversation starter, you also get to see your peers with a comical ‘tache.

We have the official Movember campaign material throughout our offices as well as internal communications to raise awareness and donations. Many have stepped forward to grow a mo and have set up a Mo Space on the Movember@Sage network in order to raise donations for the charity.

At the time of writing, there are 129 members on the Movember@Sage network page, with £428 in donations – and no one has grown a thing yet!

In our Sage One community, we are looking forward to the following colleagues sporting their furry faces by the end of the month!

Our Mo Bros…day 1

Our Mo Bros



Mo Bros









We’ll keep you posted on their progress.

Are you planning any Movember events of your own? Are you doing anything to support Movember, whether it be growing your own mo or donating others? Is your place of work sponsoring the charity? Let us know!

Thanks for reading. You can find out more about Movember on the UK Movember website.


One response to “Movember Mo Bros (and Mo Sistas)”

  1. Good Work Everyone,

    Movember Sage certainly has grown, and today with 176 people taking part our fund raising total passed £2000 pounds. Well done everyone. 

    Good luck for the remainder of the month


    Project Movember@Sage:disqus  Co-ordinator