Sage One Product Manager: My Perfect Job!

6 years ago

When the job for Product Manager for Sage One Accounts was offered to me, I knew it was perfect. Here’s why…

I started my career in various financial management roles: management accountant, system processes and other good stuff. I was always more interested in the tools I was using than the outputs themselves and looking for ways to improve them.

Eventually, I was lured into the world of the software industry, and I haven’t looked back since.

I spent nearly 10 years developing and implementing large enterprise-wide business and financial solutions. The challenges around design, change and migration, people, cost benefit are all too familiar.  These big systems were great for those who have the time and resources, but I always wondered about small businesses, who can never sustain anything of the like.

The changes in technology and the internet in recent years has changed everything. Now, software can be delivered as a service to a mass market, consuming software like a utility.

As I saw this evolve, with the likes of and Netsuite, I saw the future and wanted to be part of it.  I could see the massive benefits of software being delivered this way:

  • much lower TCO (total cost of ownership) for the end users,
  • fantastic operational benefits for the software supplier,
  • and to top it all, the benefit of rich, functional software for small businesses, with access from anywhere at any time.

I joined a start-up developing CRM using the latest web technology, and we started selling the service. If I had any doubts about SaaS (software as a service), these were eliminated.

As much as I believe in CRM, financial management systems is were my domain experience lies.  So after a spell with IRIS,  I was ready to go to join the market leaders, move 300 miles north and join the Sage One team.

Moving from the South East to the North East was a major decision for me, not least bearing in mind family considerations. Fortunately for me personally, it was a great move.  The team here are passionate about what we are doing and the leadership is very supportive.

So as a former accountant, software implementor and a great believer in SaaS for small businesses and Sage, I have my perfect job!

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