Adapt your business to the changing seasons

6 years ago

With the evenings drawing in already, and the hopes of an Indian summer dashed by the recent wet weather, maybe it’s time for seasonal businesses to start thinking and planning for winter.

Maybe winter is ‘your time’, and you actually need this specific season to make your business work, but for a lot of businesses this is not the case.

Businesses that rely of tourism or run seasonal goods for example, either make a gear shift for winter or maybe even close down. Pubs for example; turn off the BBQ’s, change the menus, and light the fires…

If closing down is not an option and you don’t already have a gear to change into, making the most of your business assets, customers and contacts to give you a winter revenue stream maybe is something you could consider? Why not do something different?

If you are short of ideas, may I suggest you have a brainstorming session with a friend or business partner.

List down all your business assets, skills you have between you, and the contacts and customers you have and see what this amounts to.

Can this mix of things be redirected from a summer perspective to something that can be promoted in winter time ?

You never know, your mobile patio-cleaning business may turn into a mobile car-cleaning operation that brings in a whole new type of customer and tides you through the winter months.

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