Recycling as cost control?

6 years ago

Peter Trimm

Post by Peter Trimm, Product Manager for Sage One

Whether your business is doing well or struggling at the moment, cost control is something that you must always keep your eye on.

From a sole trader to an international corporate, the principle remains the same; only spend what you can afford and on what will provide you some form of payback in the long or short run. Stretching yourself is one thing: to invest, speculate, but being wasteful is another.

This sounds so obvious, I know, but it always amazes me how much waste I see around me, from the domestic household to large businesses.

You just need to see what people take to the dump or what’s in industrial estate bin (not that you’ll find me there rummaging… that’s not true, actually! I have a great wood store for my burner at home largely filled with waste wood).

As a society we waste so much. We all are guilty of to some extent, but if you have a business it can be the difference between a profit or a loss.

Turn the lights off when no one is in the room. Turn Sunday dinner leftovers into ‘bubble and squeak’. Be efficient with use of direct materials. Set limits on travel costs. House or business, it’s about attitude.

I love to be able to blog and have a bit of a rant, but I have seen severe poverty in Africa and boys on the street building bicycles from scrap, and I also hear children in posh parts of the UK demanding toys when they probably have a  bedroom rammed full of them.

This blog never started out to discuss recycling, I really intended to say something about controlling costs, but actually isn’t it the same thing?