Every rain cloud has a SaaSy lining!

6 years ago

Peter TrimmAccountant, Product Manager, SaaS expert, blogger, 5-a-sider!

Like most of the UK, we’ve been experiencing heavy rainfall over the past 24 hours here in Newcastle. I’ve just pulled over, off the A1 this morning, traffic grid lock due to rain!  Like you, I can’t understand how in the UK, of all places, we come to a grinding halt when we have rain.  There are floods everywhere, in the same places they always are!

Well, at least I’ve found a coffee shop with WiFi and was able to write this moaning blog and send messages to the office.

I was also able to login to Sage One.  I know, we as SaaS providers, ‘bang on’ about accessing our services ‘anytime’ and ‘any place’ but it’s not until you have to do this in ‘anger’ do you truly feel the benefit of software being delivered this way.

If you have a small business and use Sage One and you get stuck in traffic, pull over, pop into a coffee shop and spend some quality time looking at the numbers for your business, when next will you get this perfect opportunity?